Our Product


Our Design Philosophy

ESPEROS bags offer a unique blend of style, function, and durability at an affordable price. Our design philosophy is simple: create timeless products that appeal to everyone, from teens to retirees.

We use clean lines and simple shapes to create a classic yet distinctive look. Each bag has thoughtfully planned pockets, attachments, and compartments to ensure that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Whether you’re booking it to class, lounging at the beach, mulling over ideas at a coffee shop, or attending a business meeting, ESPEROS bags fit any occasion.

Ethically Manufactured

We’re committed to working with manufacturing partners we know and trust. Cutting corners might save a buck, but we believe you get what you pay for. Our partners use high quality materials, adhere to ethical workplace standards, and pay workers a comfortable, living wage. We treat our workers the way we’d like to be treated.


Quality Materials

Our bags are water resistant, stain resistant, machine washable, and made with durable, fine-aging canvas. We work with cotton mills that have been honing their craft for nearly a century. Our fabrics are free from harmful treatments, chemicals, and dyes. We guarantee our bags will reliably get you through the day, no matter where you go or what you carry.

Why Canvas?

The older a canvas bag gets, the better it looks and feels. Canvas conforms to your lifestyle and habits. Polyester and nylon tend to degrade as they suffer from wear and tear, but canvas often gets better with age. As fads come and go, our timeless bags will remain fashionable and reliable.