Interview: Duffy Stone and Motherhood

Duffy Stone, the woman behind Duffy Stone Interiors, crafts spaces as unique and beautiful as her insights on life. Since 2007, the young designer has literally made a name for herself in the interior design industry. After working for notable architecture and interior design firms, she started her own studio in 2013, transforming commercial and private spaces (one of which is our flagship store). Recently, she has expanded her name even further with her latest addition: her son, Sonny Stone. We chatted with Duffy about the inspiration behind her studio, and how motherhood has changed her perspective on life. 

How do you define yourself? What roles are the most important to you?

Mother, wife, then designer.  

My whole mindset has shifted since the birth of my 6-month-old son, Sonny Stone. My world is him and whatever I can to do to make him happy is my number one priority. There is nothing better in the world than a happy baby.   

How did you become an Interior Designer? What is the inspiration behind the beautiful spaces you create?

It’s the only career I ever wanted and dreamed as a kid that I would do one day. It’s in my bones. It’s all I think about and it’s truly my passion. I always thought I would work for some big firm, never in my dreams did I imagine I’d be working under my own name so young, so I feel really blessed for that.

Inspiration comes from all over: I’m very influenced by nature, fashion, dynamic personalities and other designers all over the world. I’m always looking around and observing- there is something inspiring from everything. It’s just appreciating what you’re seeing.

What is your advice to moms who strive to have another role outside their motherhood and family?

Raising a child is hands down the hardest role ever and I have a new layer of respect since becoming a mother myself. It’s hard to do it all. But, you can do what you love and do another thing you love, and maybe another thing you love on top of that. It is possible to make time for things you're passionate about and be present for your loved ones.

What impact do you want your children to have in the world if any? How do you instill these values in them?

Being positive is so important to me, making sure you see the good in people and in situations. You can’t always understand people or why things happen, but you can control your outlook on it. There is no better attitude towards life than being positive. How you choose to see and interpret things is a choice and I hope to teach and continuing learning that through my son.  

What items do you always have in your bag?

I used to have really cute sunnies, beautiful smelling hand lotions, a laptop and really nice Muji pens and notebooks-- now I just carry diapers and noisy baby toys that go off, but that’s so much more fun!


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