Interview: Cristina Facundo Bocanegra and Love Child Magazine

Like many other mothers, Cristina Facundo Bocanegra has busted the myth of ineffective multitasking by kicking ass at the many roles she takes on. A few years ago, the Austin wardrobe stylist added blogger and mother to her list of roles. One month pregnant with her son, she looked for a pregnancy and motherhood resource that fit her lifestyle. Unable to find one, she created it herself: Love Child. The online publication provides real stories, advice, and inspiration for creative mothers and modern families. In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day, and in our constant pursuit to lift up awesome women, we chatted with Cristina about how she finds her balance as a mompreneur.  


  • How do you define yourself? What roles are the most important to you?
  • I am a person, mother, wife, friend, wardrobe stylist and blogger.


  • How did you become a stylist?
  • I was living in New York City and teaching and realized I was in need of a creative outlet. I enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology, graduated with a degree in Fashion Styling and never looked back!


  • What is your advice to moms who strive to have another role outside their motherhood and family? 
  • Make it a priority. I am a better mother when I feel fulfilled by my personal interests.


  • What is something society that needs to recognize about mothers?
  • This is a much heavier question than I can answer here but in short, we need support.  We need paid maternity leave to recover from childbirth, we need clean places to breastfeed and pump for our children, to name a few.


  • What impact do you want your children to have in the world if any? How do you instill these values in them?
  • I will encourage my children to follow their dreams. If they do that, there is no doubt they will have an incredible impact on the world.


  • How do you stay sane among all your responsibilities and roles? Are there any quotes or mantras you say to yourself?
  • I work efficiently. And I love a deadline.  


  • What items do you always have in your bag?
  • Extra phone charger, Sugar Lip Scrub, Boca Micro Farm Body Butter, snacks (I’m pregnant), and usually a couple of cars for my son.

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