Interview: Annie Lin and A Little Bundle

Annie Lin is the founder, creative director, and CEO of A Little Bundle. The business started as a monthly subscription box for moms and babies. But, the model has recently shifted into a Build A Bundle service, allowing parents (and supportive friends) to curate their own little bundle from the best quality products. We had the opportunity to speak with the masterful woman behind the service on her perspectives on business, motherhood, and life. 

How do you define yourself? What roles are the most important to you?

I would define myself as a mother, wife, sister, friend and entrepreneur/designer.

What inspired you to start A Little Bundle?

With a Fashion and Graphics background, I wanted to start something on my own again. My friend started Bark Box with the subscription business model and I was inspired to share unique curated Mom + Baby products through monthly boxes. I was able to design products in collaboration with other brands and support small businesses I discovered!

What have you learned about women and mothers through your work?

I’ve learned (so far) that women and mothers are all very alike, but also different. We go through similar experiences, and it’s lovely to see the motherhood community support each other. With my business, A Little Bundle, I’ve been lucky to work with so many mom-owned brands, mom-bloggers and sharing my products and services with women that aspire to be mothers or already are mothers.

What is your advice to moms who strive to have another role outside their motherhood and family?

Never give up on your dream. When you become a mom, it’s an evolving identity for yourself to rediscover you again and this new forever role of being a mom.

What is something that society needs to recognize about mothers?

We are all doing our very best.

What have you learned about yourself since becoming a mother?

I have learned that I multitask really well (haha) and that I love being a mom. I love being with my kids above all and working hard for their future.

What impact would you want your children to have in the world if any? How do you instill these values in them?

I just hope they grow up to be nice, kind and thoughtful human beings. I think most of that comes from showing them how to be and surrounding them with the right people throughout their lives.

How do you stay sane among all your responsibilities and roles? Are there any quotes or mantras you say to yourself?

It’s important to not beat yourself up if you don’t do everything you planned for the day, after all, I am a mom and I work full time from home. It’s important to be present when you’re with your kids and everything in moderation!

What items do you always carry with you?

I always carry a chapstick, my wallet, phone and my babies’ change of clothes + diapers. :) Oh, and my toddler’s snacks!

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